Renosterberg’s Finances In A Shambles

Gerda Moolman, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Constituency Head of Bo-Karoo

The Democratic Alliance believes that not enough is being done to sort out the shambles within the Renosterberg municipality and we are of the firm view that stringent action should be taken against the CFO, who clearly does not seem to be in control of the municipality’s finances.

For a whole year already, raw sewerage from the Phillipstown sewerage Plant has been flowing directly into the Hondeblaf River. The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) allocated R60 000 towards urgently fixing the problem and the allocation was already approved at the end of August 2012. The tenders for the repair of the sewerage works have, however, been lying unattended to on the desk of the municipality’s CFO for the past three months. We can thus only surmise that she does not consider the fixing of the sewerage works to be a priority.

Furthermore, from last year until now, the CFO has only spent 47% of the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG). This means that there must still be approximately R3,5 million in the kitty waiting to be allocated towards infrastructure projects.

On top of this, ratepayer’s accounts are in a complete shambles, with accounts not indicating payments made since February and some ratepayers receiving two accounts per month. The CFO also hasn’t submitted any financial statements to Treasury since 2008. Furthermore, a number of service providers are still awaiting outstanding payments. This includes the company that was contracted to fix the streets, who is owed R350 000 by the municipality and who has, as a result hereof, stopped the contract. The company further intends charging the municipality interest on the outstanding payment.

This pitiful state of affairs within Renosterberg municipality is drastically delaying service delivery. In fact, the municipality had to ask for donations just to purchase two locks because they have no money. The situation is also frustrating ratepayers and even saw municipal workers down tools yesterday because the CFO refuses to listen to their concerns.

The DA is of the firm view that if the CFO cannot get her priorities straight, action must be taken against her and she must be replaced by someone who is competent to do the job. There can be no compromise – municipalities must appoint skilled people and lazy and incompetent employees must receive marching orders. Until then, the dire state within our municipalities simply will not improve.

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