Sewage flows as ANC fails Carolina’s residents

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

Sewage flows as ANC fails Carolina’s residents

Mpumalanga cooperative governance MEC Madala Masuku must stop his administration’s attempts at glossing over the water supply and purification situation in Carolina, and face the fact that the Chief Albert Luthuli municipality simply does not have the capacity to provide this crucial service to residents.

DA activists on Friday encountered a sewage spill from a neglected sewage pump station into a small lake and municipal park adjacent to what is known as the Carolina Waterfront. Judging by the extent of the spread, it seems that this spill has been going on for an extended period of time – not to mention the horrible smell pervading the entire area.

More photos of the spill are available on request.

The potential health and ecological hazards of this spill cannot be discounted. The area is a popular playground for children, and boasts extensive bird life. The famed wild horses of the area are a regular sight, and some can be seen walking through the mire in search of water.

Farmers downstream use the water for agricultural purposes, and crops and animals intended for human consumption are already being contaminated and infected with a variety of dangerous bacteria.

While MEC Masuku prefers to stand on a podium and drink the water on one end of town, he fails to disclose how the municipality violates the National Water Act on the other end. Furthermore, the MEC fails to recognise the deeper underlying problems faced by the municipality – that a dire lack of technical skills has resulted in a complete lack of maintenance of crucial municipal infrastructure – and the situation will get much worse if not urgently addressed.

Skills shortages in the Chief Albert Luthuli local municipality, as well all other municipalities throughout Mpumalanga are reaching critical proportions. Chief Albert Luthuli municipality is in dire need of an overhaul, and MEC Masuku and the rest of the provincial administration must stop covering for the failures of their party comrades and start acting in the interests of the people of this province.

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