Sheriff cleans out 3 floors of Metsimaholo assets

Theo Coetzee MP

DA Constituency Head for Fezile Dabi District

The DA is seeking urgent answers on behalf of residents of Metsimaholo Municipality in the Free State after the sheriff of the courts large scale seizure of municipal assets.

The sheriff yesterday cleaned out four floors of the municipal building by confiscating assets such as computers, televisions and fridges owing to an outstanding account amounting to R 1,13 million.

Earlier it was reported that more assets could be seized today.

The Democratic Alliance today requested the Executive Mayor, Mr Brutus Mahlako, to convene an urgent meeting of the Municipal Finance and IDP Committee to compel the Municipal Manager to explain why the municipality is not able to pay the debt to the undisclosed claimant.

This issue of the poor financial state of Metsimaholo has reached a zenith with the sheriff’s actions yesterday. How does the ANC expect to manage a high-capacity municipality such as Metsimaholo, if it is not able to manage the most basic of financial fundamentals such as paying debt?

Earlier the year, the Auditor General expressed his concern that the ANC-lead Metsimaholo was unable to improve on the disclaimer of reports the municipality received for the past 5 years, adding that, “the lack of progress is due to the lack of basic accounting disciplines and a failure to retain supporting documentation.”

Metsimaholo is an economic hub for the Free State. However, the municipality is being desiccated by the ANC’s disregard for systems which were put in place to ensure good governance.

Whilst poor political leadership is filtering to local level – from the Free State Premier, Ace Magashule to municipalities and wards, residents remain fundamentally restricted to enjoy the good service they are entitled to from Metsimaholo.

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