Tatane findings – Free State needs a coalition of Constitutionalists

Patricia Kopane MP

DA Leader in the Free State

The Human Rights Commission’s finding on the brutal killing of Andries Tatane makes it clear that a coalition of Constitutionalists is needed in the Free State to advocate for the basic rights of communities.

The findings are an important first step towards truth and healing. We trust that the courts will now see justice done in this matter.

The Free State has seen 52 service delivery protests this year to date. These numbers will increase as government continues to fall short of people’s need for basic services.

Now more than ever, the people of the Free State need to decide what direction we want our province to take.

We have a choice between the ANC’s path of rights violations and failing services, or the constitutional path where government delivers according to the basic human rights afforded to all citizens.

As the newly-elected Leader of the DA in the Free State I am making a public commitment to work with all like-minded constitutionalists toward an alternative government in this province.

We cannot allow another election cycle to pass without uniting around the basic rights of our communities. Andries Tatane’s activism and bravery must serve as a guide to us.

In the coming weeks and months we will work towards the goal of making this political realignment possible.

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