The ANC’s Trap

Johann Krog, MPP

Democratic Alliance KZN Legislature Caucus

RATHER than assuming responsibility for the damage done to our country in the last 18 years, President Zuma and his cronies prefer to turn a blind eye and instead take the credit for anything the ANC has achieved during its time of governance.

What South Africans have is a government focussed single-mindedly on its own survival. Imagine what might have been achieved had Public Works not poured money into Nkandla and other projects for the rich and instead spent this money on the poor. The list of “wrongdoings” is endless and includes endemic tender fraud, Chancellor House taking a cut of most government tenders, ANC donations from government contractors, the education crisis, a growing gap between rich and poor, a lack of decisive leadership during times of looming crises, the collapse of local government structures, dramatic increases in water tariffs and electricity costs increasing by more than 300%.

Albie Sachs perfectly described the trap that the ANC has fallen into, when he said that there is no guarantee that a freedom fighter – willing to sacrifice his or her life for freedom – will not violate the rights of others when assuming power.

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