North West Provincial Legislator MEC’s fail to attend urgent meeting of the Provincial Public Accounts Committee

John Franzsen MPL

Dep. Spokesperson – Provincial Public Accounts

After a damning report appeared in the New Age on 5 December 2012, under the heading “R13m spent on legal fees”, regarding the disciplinary hearing case involving, amongst others, the suspended head of the Provincial Department of Finance, the Public Accounts Committee invited the current MEC Finance Sebegoe and his predecessor, MEC Mabe (now MEC for Education), to brief the Committee on the facts as contained in the New Age article.

It is noted that neither MEC disputed the facts as reported in the New Age article but rather choose to pass the responsibility on to each other, none taking responsibility for the high expenditure, which is still on-going and grossly over budgeted allowance.

After receiving the apologies of the two MEC’s, the Committee rejected the apologies taking a very serious view on their non-attendance to appear.

It was clear to the Committee that neither MEC had the will to take responsibility for this issue, were thus not fit to handle the finances of the Province and showed disrespect to the Committee and thus the Legislator.

The Committee decided to escalate the issue as a matter of urgency to the office of the Premier and the Speaker of the North West Province and to institute its own full investigation.

The DA will follow the proceedings in detail and ensure that the full facts, investigations and any actions flowing therefrom will be made public.

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