Quality education still far off dream for many

Khume Ramulifho MPL

DA Gauteng Education Spokesperson

The Annual National Assessments (ANA) results reflect an inequality gap in our education system. The assessments results implies that quintile 1, 2 and 3 no fee schools perform poorly compared to quintile 4 and 5 fee paying schools. This means quality education is afforded to those who have the money to pay for their children’s education.

The DA believes that children must be afforded an opportunity to access quality education regardless of their background. This requires innovation and creative ways of teaching such as utilising technology, e-learning, and interactive whiteboards instead of traditional chalkboards.

The Gauteng Education Department does not have the capacity to retain and attract scarce skills in mathematics, science, technology and language teachers in rural areas and township schools. The use of technology will enhance quality learning and teaching in improving quality of education to all learners.

Government must be bold and introduce an allowance that will supplement the salaries of teachers who possess scarce subject knowledge or who produce excellent results in under performing schools. This will provide learners from poor backgrounds access to quality learning and opportunities for advancement.

Teachers must be incentivized to teach maths, science and languages especially in poor schools. The quintile 1, 2 and 3 schools learner-educator ratio exist only on paper while their classes are as big as 45 to 60 learners.

The education system is failing to close an inequality gap between poor and rich people.

The DA firmly believes that education is critical in redressing the imbalances of the past and ensuring a prosperous future for our children and nation.

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