Acting Gauteng HOD faces uphill battle

Dr Gavin Lewis MPL

Spokesperson on Economic Development

The acting Gauteng Economic Development Head of Department (HOD) Albert Chanee will face an uphill battle in addressing the destruction left by his disgraced predecessor. I have also submitted questions to MEC Nkosiphendule Kolisile about the matter as allegations of corruption by the suspended HOD are surfacing.

The suspension of the Economic Development Department Head Khulu Radebe in Gauteng, South Africa’s richest province, sounds the death knell of job creation in this province under the reign of Premier Nomvula Mokonyane.

Four years of work, billions of rand, and a handful of jobs is all we are left with as the term of her government expires as we prepare for new elections in 2014.

The much heralded one million youth jobs campaign launched in 2012 now also lies in tatters – as the DA warned at the time. The theory was that advertisements would lure 100 000 young would be entrepreneurs into training by the provincial government, each of them subsequently creating 10 jobs.

Now Mr Radebe is under suspension for mismanaging that project. The result – almost no new jobs for the youth under Mokanyane’s rule, aggravated by COSATU’s rejection of a youth wage subsidy – which is viable as even Treasury recognises.

In the name of ideology, and with their inability to eradicate rampant corruption and incompetence, the government of Gauteng, the “engine room” of economic growth in South Africa and the subcontinent, has badly let down everyone. Yet it could all of have been avoided through the application in equal measure of good governance and common sense.

Once again the unemployed citizens of Gauteng have been misled with newspaper headlines conveying empty promises from government. With Mr Radebe goes the last shred of provincial government credibility on this matter. And four more years have been wasted.

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