DA to set up water monitor

Andrew Louw MPL

DA Northern Cape: Spokesperson of COGHSTA

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape will set up a water monitoring project in Kimberley in order to keep record of water cuts and water related problems in and around the city in 2013. This comes amidst complaints of dry taps, while the New Year is barely underway yet.

The DA is aware of extensive backlogs in terms of repairing and maintaining water infrastructure in the Kimberley area, as a result of long standing poor management within the Sol Plaatje municipality. We accept that regardless of how the municipality goes about resolving this problem, many more water cuts will have to be endured so that infrastructure can finally be fixed and replaced. This, however, should not become an excuse for poor service delivery.

The DA intends keeping track of the frequency of reported water cuts, their duration, cause, and whether or not any warning is given to residents. We will use this data to assess whether the municipality is adopting a pro-active strategy towards fixing infrastructure issues, or whether it is still dealing with problems in an ad hoc way that infringes on people’s basic human rights.

The DA is of the firm view that we all have a right to a basic water supply. No one must be denied this right, even if he or she cannot afford to pay for it. Since 1994, our government has had the enormous task of ensuring that everyone has access to basic services. The eradication of poverty, including the equal access to basic services, such as access to water, is one of the highest priorities of government. The DA will use the water monitor and correlating evidence, as a way of holding the Sol Plaatje municipality accountable if they again fail in this huge task.

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