Firm action needed to curb rampant fraud & corruption within KZN

George Mari, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Human Settlements

The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal calls on provincial Human Settlements MEC, Ravi Pillay to take firm action and introduce a policy to withdraw housing allocations from beneficiaries who fail to occupy the homes provided to them.

The move is aimed at curbing rampant fraud and corruption within low cost housing developments in the province. Accusations have recently been leveled against councilors and officials who have allegedly allocated houses to friends and relatives. Meanwhile, the sale of RDP houses and illegal occupancy thereof is rife.

The DA believes that introduction of a policy which sees beneficiaries forfeit their allotted houses will assist in curbing the problem. We believe that the pre-emptive clause of illegally renting out a dwelling should be enforced, with the clause strengthened to include the prohibition of the sale of the dwelling, unless there is a legitimate reason, such as a beneficiary having to move elsewhere for employment purposes. In this case, the dwelling should be offered first to the State before it is sold.

The MEC needs to act. A thorough investigation into all low cost housing in the province is needed in order flush out illegal occupants and criminal charges must be opened against those that have unlawfully sold dwellings or are collecting rental illegally.

The DA has requested that this matter be placed on the agenda of the next KZN Human Settlements Portfolio committee meeting and is committed to ensuring that the matter is prioritized by the department.

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