KZN Department of Transport’s fiasco

Radley Keys MPP

Democratic Alliance KZN Spokesperson on Transport

It is almost a month to the day since eight people died at the KZN Department of Transport’s fiasco of a selection process for 90 RTI posts. The silence and lack of urgency from the Office of the Premier regarding the establishment of a Judicial Commission of Enquiry into these deaths is damning indeed.

During the memorial service on 9 January 2013 many of the deceased’s family members left in disgust, deeply disappointed by the political grandstanding taking place and the lack of resolve to close the matter satisfactorily. These families needed closure and for justice to be done – they received neither.

The facts surrounding this debacle of a selection process, which also saw hundreds of candidates being hospitalized, must be exposed. What happened that day is the result of incompetence and an utter disregard for human life and there are many questions that need answers.

The Premier must remove the MEC of Transport from his office as an indication of the provincial government’s commitment to justice for the people. Justice must be done – and seen to be done.

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