Magashule must advise Board against Sasolburg merge

Patricia Kopane MP

Free State Provincial Leader

The DA calls on Premier Ace Magashule and Minister Richard Baloyi to make official submissions to the Demarcation Board advising against a merger of Sasolburg and Parys municipalities.

Neither Mr Magashule nor Mr Baloyi has been able to show merit for a merge proposal.

It is clear that ANC internal politics are behind their reasons for wanting a merge. This has come at great cost to the community of Sasolburg.

Lives have been lost and property has been destroyed. A community has been turned against itself as a result of Mr Magashule’s destructive politics.

The double-speak around a “suspension” of the merge by both the Premier and Minister has every chance of throwing gasoline onto the fire in Sasolburg.

Mr Magashule must demonstrate his commitment to peace and progress in Sasolburg by making this official submission to the Demarcation Board.

A submission to the Board is not a sign of giving in to violent protest.

It would be a sign that the violence was unfortunately caused by Mr Magashule’s irresponsible politics in the first place.

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