MEC Mabe must not keep learners from their fundamental education rights

Chris Hattingh MPL

Provincial Leader Democratic Alliance North-West

North-West Education MEC Louisa Mabe has no right in denying pupils still applying to schools access to education.

It has been reported that while MEC Mabe conducted school visits Wednesday that she reprimanded pupils and parents for not being enrolled in various schools in November 2012. The pupils were wearing casual wear as they were not sure if they would be allowed to enrol at the school or be able enter the premises wearing their previous school uniforms

It is a disgrace that pupils and their parents were humiliated in an environment that should be open to all and free of intimidation. Families may experience various difficulties in enrolling their children on time as the financial situation in the NW doesn’t allow immediate funding to be available.

Learners must be made welcome in their environments of education and growth and not be unfairly discriminated against. MEC Mabe should rather focus on raising the quality of education in the North West Province – an analysis of the quality of the recent results indicate that the NW education standards leaves a lot to be desired.

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