MEC must explain targeting tuk-tuk taxis

Dr Neil Campbell MPL

Spokesperson on Roads and Transport

Gauteng Roads and Transport MEC Ismail Vadi must explain his anti-competitive and potentially inflammatory remarks about tuk-tuk taxis in Johannesburg.

In a letter to the Business Day Vadi warned tuk-tuk operators to avoid “unhealthy competition and conflict” with minibus taxis, metred taxis and buses and that they should not encroach on their “legal routes”.

Targeting tuk-tuk taxi operators in this manner exposes them to the risk of open and violent conflict with volatile minibus taxis drivers. The MEC’s remarks are dangerous and draw into question his grasp of the law governing public transport.

I will also submit questions to the MEC requesting that he outline the statutory provisions he believes limits the provision of legitimate, convenient and cost-effective tuk-tuk taxi services.

Who is the MEC and other authorities really trying to protect? Clamping down on consumer choice and access to alternative modes of transport does not protect passengers or advance the public interest.

Transport is the second highest priority for Gauteng residents according to a recent survey and it is baffling that the MEC wishes to limit and regulate consumer choice when public transport and affordability, accessibility and safety of transport are prominent issues of concern.

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