NW Premier meeting with Anglo American Platinum – too little too late?

Chris Hattingh, MPL

Provincial Leader Democratic Alliance North-West

The DA in the North West welcomes the belated involvement of the NW Premier Thandi Modise in the Anglo American Platinum restructuring with the potential loss of 13000 NW opportunities. The Premier’s deafening silence during the violent and tragic August 2012 protests, one of the root causes of the Anglo American Platinum restructuring, as well as her silence on the repeated NW COSATO driven disruptions at major NW employment providers such as Dairy Belle and Chubby Chick, leaves a lot to be desired. The absence of strong NW leadership in the NW and specifically in the agricultural, industrial and mining industries remains one of the major obstacles for the NW to achieve its growth targets – in fact the NW is losing job opportunities instead of growing the NW economy. We can only hope that the Premier’s reluctance to confront COSATU, SADTU and others will be addressed in this New Year where the ANC has decided to terminate her Luthuli House functions and that the Premier will now focus on what should have been her primary job – being the Premier of the North West Province.

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