Sasolburg Premier behind merge proposal

Patricia Kopane MP

DA Leader in the Free State

Documents in the DA’s possession show that Free State Premier Ace Magashule lied about his involvement in the proposal to merge Sasolburg with the Ngwathe municipality.

The original proposal urging the Demarcation Board merge was clearly submitted on behalf of the provincial government, under Premier Magashule’s leadership. The December 2011 document was authored by then Cooperative Governance MEC Mamiki Qabathe.

In an interview with the Mail and Guardian last week Mr Magashule claimed to have nothing to do the demarcation process as it was the responsibility of the Cooperative governance Department and Demarcation Board.

The DA again calls on Premier Ace Magashule to make official submissions to the Demarcation Board advising against a merger of Sasolburg and Parys municipalities.

The Premier’s double-speak on whether he wants a merge has every chance of throwing gasoline onto the fire in Sasolburg.

A week after the eruption of violence in Zamdela and other communities in Metsimaholo Municipality, Mr Ace Magshule himself has done nothing to personally attend to the grievances of residents.

The main focus of the premier should be to listen to the communities, and act accordingly. Until now, Mr Magashule has opted for the easy way out by ignoring the people and their concerns, leaving the situation volatile and unstable.

His reluctance to meet with the concerned citizens of Metsimaholo gives the legitimate impression that the Free State Government is more interested in influencing ANC internal politics with this merge than they are in improving the living circumstances of residents.

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