Xhariep Mayor spends R 28 000 on fuel a month?

Peter Frewen MPL

DA Spokesperson for Finances

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has requested the Auditor General to investigate the astronomical amounts spent on fuel by the Xhariep District Mayor, Cllr Mongi Ntwanambi, during the previous financial year.

The DA requests the AG to investigate during his course of auditing, amongst other matters, an average fuel consumption of R 28 000 per month.

If the total amount of R 231 924.61 the municipality spent during only months in the 2011/2012 financial year is considered more closely, an analysis of fuel expenses by the Xhariep mayor indicates that:

* During the month of July 2012, when the car was in for repairs which cost R61,290.85 it still works out that the mayor’s fuel costs were an average of R28, 410.00 per month for eight months. (R231,924.00 – R4,637.00 (July) = R227,287.00 divided by 8 months = R28,410.00 per month),

* If fuel cost an average of R11.00 per litre, it works out that 2 582 litres of fuel was purchased per month,

* If the vehicle does 8 km per litre then the distance travelled was 20,656 km per month over a period of eight months or 688km per day for every day of the month,

* at an average speed of 100km/h, it would mean that the mayor spent nearly seven hours a day in his car!

This occurred during a period of eight months.

In the meantime, the municipal manager applied for a new mayoral vehicle.

The DA regards these expenses, which could have been used to improve services in Xhariep, as absurd and wishes to see the AG audit the expenses and see what arises from the investigation.

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