Capacity, not classification, obstructs Nyaope fight

Hendrika Kruger MPL

Spokesperson on Social Development

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has dismissed claims that the non-classification of Nyaope hampers prosecution of possession and dealing in this drug. Constraints on the part of police investigations and forensics were instead highlighted as significant barriers to effective prosecution. The NPA was responding to a letter from the DA in Gauteng, in which the party highlighted its belief that sufficient grounds for both the classification and prosecution of Nyaope existed within the current Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act (No 140 of 1992). While the DA welcomes the justice departments’ intention to amend this act to make specific provision for Nyaope, it is clear from the NPA that this is neither necessary border sufficient to effectively combat the increasingly devastating impact and widespread abuse of this deadly cocktail.

The DA will submit questions to Gauteng Community Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko to determine what she intends to do to bolster the investigative capacity of police in the province. The police must ensure that officers are adequately trained and forensics labs are properly staffed and equipped to expedite investigations speedily and effectively. A well run and functioning criminal justice system is pivotal for Gauteng to win the war on drugs.

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