DA delivers water to residents as Tlokwe water shortages continue

Juanita Terblanche

DA MP for Potchefstroom

The DA is currently delivering thousands of units of bottled water to residents in Potchefstroom as water shortages continue into the 4th day.

During the past weekend, for the first time in history, 5 of the 8 water pumps in Potchefstroom were cleansed at the same time. Not only are residents suffering but institutions such as the North West University have been forced to close

The process of cleansing, or “bleeding”, water pumps, must be done with care as it can deplete the water levels in the towns reservoir. Normally just one water pump at a time should be cleansed. However on Friday, just days before the ANC’s attempt to debate a motion of no-confidence in DA Mayor, Annette Combrink, the city’s pumps are being maintained simultaneously which resulted in causing the reservoirs to run dry.

This strange occurrence is the result of municipal staff disregarding the basic functions of municipal management.

We believe that sabotage could have been at play. The extension of the crisis due to releasing water to areas too soon before the reservoir could fill is an unfortunate further consequence of the original irresponsible pump cleansing.

The DA, in an affidavit, formally requested a SAPS investigation based on the Protection of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorist and Related Activities Act, 2004.

We trust that the police will get to the bottom this matter.

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