DA launches provincial website

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape is embracing technology and today launched our own unique provincial website. This forms part of our strategy to win the province in 2014.

The transformative impact of the internet and cellular technology cannot be ignored. They add a new dimension to political technology by creating interactive platforms through which politicians on every level can now meet you in your living room. These platforms also allow people to quickly spread ideas, information and even organize political protests.

Thousands of people in the Northern Cape are connected to social networking sites via cell phones, laptops and so forth. At the same time, technology appeals to a specific demographic, more specifically the affluent, the educated, and the young. And while a YouTube video may not sway the grandparents in the crowd, the youngest voters are listening. In this regard, the DA understands that technology affords political parties the opportunity to take our campaigns to a whole new political arena and we plan to harness this energy, which has become a way of modern political life.

Through the regular updating of the DA’s Northern Cape website, we plan to grow our support base by alerting the public about what we stand for and what issues we are driving. The website will also afford people the opportunity to send us their comments, suggestions and, criticisms. At the same time, our website cites the names and contact numbers of all DA public representatives in the province, making it that much easier for people to get in touch with councillors, Members of the Provincial Legislature and Members of Parliament. In this regard, the website will serve to improve relationships with constituencies in order to demonstrate the work done during oversight or constituency periods.

In much the same vein, the DA has also recently started provincially orientated Twitter accounts. This too is a new arena for campaigning, and has the benefit of enabling people to find out what is going on as it is happening.

Social media is one of the main political platforms on which we aim to build the new majority for 2014 and beyond. The DA, like so many people in this province, is also tired of all the corruption, maladministration and inefficiency within our provincial and local governments. By using our old and new platforms, we plan to grow a support base capable of taking on the ANC in next year’s elections. The DA thus encourages members of the public to view our site and follow us on Twitter, and to get involved.

The DA website can be viewed at: www.dancp.co.za

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