DA opposes adoption of Standing Rules

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance takes offence to the way in which the revised Northern Cape Provincial Legislature’s Standing Rules were sneakily pushed through at a House Sitting this afternoon.

It is true that the Rules have been outstanding for some time. However, the manner in which the adoption of these rules unfolded is completely unacceptable to the Democratic Alliance.

We are not merely opposing the adoption of the Rules for the sake hereof. Instead, we firmly believe that the process of consultation with all parties was not completed. It goes without saying that this process should have been finalized on the relevant platform before being taken to a House Sitting.

At the same time, we deem it intolerable that party Whips were not presented with sufficient advance notice of the intended adoption of the Rules.

It is very unfortunate that the ruling party decided to push through the Rules, knowing full well that the consultative process had not been decided upon. In doing so, generations to come may have to bear the brunt of the un-debated mandates that now form part of these Rules.

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