DA to probe Coghsta’s security contract

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape is to submit a parliamentary question to the Northern Cape Department of Cooperative Governance to query the department’s prolonged extension of its security contract. This contract has already raised eyebrows in terms of the associated irregular expenditure.

The security contract between the department and security services, Kapa Bokone, came under the scrutiny of the Auditor-General in the 2011/2012 financial year for related irregular expenditure valued at almost R7 million. Whilst this contract came to an end over a year ago, delayed processes to put the contract out on tender and award it, have seen the contract of Kapa Bokone indefinitely extended.

The DA finds this situation highly questionable. More than a year has passed since the expiration of this contract. Surely by now the department could have got its ducks in a row and, in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act, finalized the contract?

In this regard, further accusations that this tender was re-advertised after a shortlist had already been drawn up, in order to give Kapa Bokone an opportunity to reapply because they were late, are even more disturbing.

It is the DA’s opinion that the security contract, worth millions of rands, needs to be opened up for public scrutiny. In this regard, the DA will submit a parliamentary question to MEC Kenneth Mmoeimang. We want to ascertain the history of the security contract in terms of past bidders and successful contractors, past tender processes followed, the reasons behind the prolonged extension of this contract, as well as the details pertaining to the more recent advertisement and alleged re-advertisement of this contract.

The DA will be expecting well informed and transparent answers from the MEC. If we fail to get a reply, or receive vague responses, we will take this to mean that the department does in fact have something to hide, and will not hesitate to report this matter to the Public Protector.

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