DA welcomes Western Cape assistance in health department asset management

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The Democratic Alliance Mpumalanga welcomes the announcement, during a SCOPA meeting on Tuesday 12 February, that government officials from the DA-led Western Cape Department of Health will be seconded to Mpumalanga to assist our Department of Health with the establishment of effective asset management systems.

The DA is shocked at the complete disarray of the department’s asset register as reported to the Select Committee of Public Accounts (SCOPA) hearing last week. During the briefing, it emerged that over R160 million in assets would be removed from the departmental asset register because “they could not physically be found”.

In essence, the department has “lost” these assets, and after years of asset mismanagement, help is finally on the horizon.

During the hearing HOD Richard Mnisi admitted that the department’s assets register is in a shambles, and “that the current organisational structure does not cater for asset management posts”. Mr Mnisi’s admission, while welcome, is highly disturbing, as it is indeed a symptom of a collapsing department battling for survival.

The DA-led Western Cape Health Department has managed to combine key ingredients required for effective asset management. Their combination of well-established clear policy guidelines, decentralised asset management and effective accountability, positions them well to assist Mpumalanga.

The DA urges the HOD and all departmental officials to accept any assistance they can get from this secondment, who serve Western Cape residents in a professional, skilled, competent and efficient public administration, which is 100% dedicated to the needs of the people.

In welcoming the assistance from the Western Cape government, it must be said that the people of Mpumalanga must realise they too can be at the receiving end of an efficient and caring government, they simply have to vote for it, because where the DA governs, life is better for everyone.

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