Fourth textbook warehouse found in Limpopo

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Leader in Limpopo

The DA has discovered a fourth warehouse in Limpopo packed with several hundred books.

The management of the warehouse in Schoemansdal claim that books were delivered there last week. Three other Limpopo warehouses full of textbooks were inspected by the DA over the last 10 days. These were located in Polokwane, Thoyohandou and Giyani.

It is clear from these warehouses that the Limpopo Education Department is scrambling to address textbook shortages in schools while at the same time denying that there are shortages. The situation at all four of these warehouses appeared chaotic.

The delivery checklists confirmed that the books were only recently delivered, well after the start of the school year. Managers approached by the DA at these warehouses had no idea of why the books had been sent and what needed to be done with them. A school principal who went to the Giyani warehouse to collect textbooks has informed the DA that officials had no idea how many books he was due to receive or where these books where located.

It is clear that the Education Department’s repeated claim that “all schools in Limpopo have received books” actually means that schools have received only some books. Stock of books for core subjects, such as maths, were never delivered to many schools. The Education Department must be straight with the public, schools and learners. The DA will continue to monitor the situation and apply the appropriate pressue until every learner in Limpopo has a textbook for every core subject in their grade.

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