KZN Premier has the power to establish Commission of Enquiry into RTI candidate deaths

Radley Keys, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Transport

Despite his claims to the contrary, KZN Premier, Zweli Mkhize has the authority to appoint a commission of enquiry into the deaths of seven RTI candidate officers in December and does not need permission from national authorities.

While the Premier must notify national government of his intentions, he certainly does not need anyone’s consent. In fact, former KZN Premier, S’bu Ndebele appointed (three) commissions during his tenure, one of them being the commission into alleged police inefficiency and ineffectiveness within the province.

The DA believes that the Premier is dilly-dallying. It is almost two months since these young people died during an incompetently organised and gruelling candidate selection programme held in stifling heat. Yet the commission has still not been launched and the families concerned are still waiting for answers. His claim that he is unable to establish the commission holds no water and is a blatant delaying tactic. After the Marikana deaths a judicial commission of inquiry was set up as a matter of urgency. Yet here we have people dying as a result of a departmental event and two months passing without a commission being established. If it is indeed such a time-consuming matter to launch a commission, then the Premier must explain when the process was begun and what he is doing to speed things up.

The DA calls on the Premier to treat the families who have lost their loved ones with the respect they deserve and establish this commission with the urgency that it warrants. Any evidence that the Premier considers his ANC national treasury function more important than an enquiry into why young people died would be a serious indictment against the entire ANC leadership in the province.

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