Mathale out of touch with Limpopo delivery crisis

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Caucus Leader

Premier Cassel Mathale has today proven that he is totally out of touch with the service delivery crisis in Limpopo.

During his State of the Province Address the word “textbooks” was not mentioned a single time. The Premier praised Education MEC Dickson Masemola for his “leadership” in putting “last year’s problems behind us”. Premier Mathale is ignoring the reality that schools across Limpopo still don’t have books. No plans were announced to address these textbook shortages in schools in 2013. Instead of praising the Education MEC, the Premier should fire him.

Premier Mathale is in the fourth year of his five year term and yet no solutions were presented to any of the current governance crises facing Limpopo.

There were no new anti-corruption measures announced even though provincial departments and municipalities have collapsed from financial mismanagement. There was no talk of support for a youth wage subsidy even though unemployment is rife in Limpopo. There were no solutions offered to the massive shortages of doctors, medicine and equipment in hospitals and clinics.

There was no mention that just one municipality received a clean audit this year while entire communities go without access to water because basic services are not provided. Premier Mathale is totally out of touch with reality and perhaps it is his time to leave office. It is clear that we need a new cabinet to deliver for the people of Limpopo. Those who have not performed, including the Premier, should go. Service delivery must be priority number one and under Premier Mathale this has not been the case.

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