MEC must resign for Mangaung spending spree

Chris Hattingh MPL

DA Leader in the North West

The DA has called for the immediate resignation of North West Social Development MEC Mosetsanagape Mokomele-Mothibi for a luxury hotel spending spree at the ANC’s Mangaung Conference last year. MEC Mokomele-Mothibi and officials appeared in the legislature’s Public Accounts committee (SCOPA) this morning to respond to documents detailing luxury hotel bills of up to R5000 a day for the MEC, officials and friends. The DA also called for the officials involved in the booking of the luxury accommodation to be suspended. The case must be referred to the SAPS Commercial Branch for investigation. MEC Mokomele-Mothibi apologized to SCOPA and promised that the money will be repaid within seven days. While this is a welcome admission of guilt by the MEC, it does not change the fact that public funds were abused. MEC Mokomele-Mothibi in fact seemed angry that she had been caught and launched a scathing attack on people responsible for “leakages within the Department”. This outburst confirms reports that the persecution of whistle-blowers is rife within the Department. This attitude displayed by the MEC calls into question the NW Government’s commitment to clean governance.

The DA will continue to demand the full disclosure of all provincial government spending at the ANC’s Mangaung Conference as this is unlikely to be an isolated incident.

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