NW Name change a sign of ANC factional battles

Chris Hattingh MPL

DA Leader in the North West

The announcement by the NW ANC Chairperson, Supra Mahumapelo, that the NW Province’s name is going to be changed to Moses Kotane has everything to do with factional battles within the ANC.

This Mr Mahumapelo’s announcement is an attempt to get ahead of Premier Thandi Modise who was likely to address the name change in her forthcoming State of the Province address.

This move has formally drawn the Modise-Mahumapelo battle lines. Mahumapelo’s announcement made the name change a rallying-point in his struggle for the Premier’s position which has evaded him for such a long time.

The choice of Moses Kotane, as his preference for a new name for the NW Province, is a an attempt to muster the support of the NW SACP behind his quest.

Nothing will stop the Mahumapelo struggle to replace archrival, Thandi Modise, as the NW Premier in his attempts to consolidate his power over the NW Province.

The launching of the provincial name change issue is in addition designed to deflect the focus from the real State of the North West Province : the impact of ANC policies, specifically its cadre deployment policy and the protection of corrupt officials.

This practice has seen the NW Province decline to one of the most corrupt provinces in the country with service levels spiralling downwards. The continuous job losses in the manufacturing industry, mining and agriculture contributed to the vicious circle of a declining NW economy scaring off investors.

Moses Kotane would certainly not have associated himself with what the NW ANC has transformed itself into:

Attempts to resolve factional disputes by the national ANC portrays an organization deeply divided at provincial level and driven by an insatiable lust for power and control over financial resources by small elitist groups.

This battle between fiercely competing centres of power shows very little regard to the plight of the NW citizens.

The NW ANC , as the current NW governing party, should first resolve its devastating internal strife before it starts to prioritise the steps to be taken to revive clean, responsible, effective and transparent governance in the NW Province.

A name change could be one of the last steps to be taken in transforming the NW Province from a corruptocracy to a democracy.

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