Polela poaching incident requires thorough investigation

Radley Keys, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Conservation

The Democratic Alliance calls for a thorough investigation into an incident in which suspended Hawks spokesperson McIntosh Polela, is alleged to have shot a protected antelope during an illegal night hunt in the province.

The hunt took place in Himeville on Thursday night last week, with Polela believed to have shot and killed a Reedbuck with a high-calibre rifle. According to a media report, he has been charged and must appear in court within 48 hours.

Polela’s claims, that he was not aware that he needed a permit and was hunting on community land are without foundation. The law is very clear and regardless of where the incident took place, it is illegal to hunt after dark, it is illegal to hunt any protected species and anyone who hunts must have permission. In the case of a Reedbuck permission should never be granted.

As a former Spokesperson for the most elite law enforcement unit in the country, Polela, more than anyone, should understand the requirements of law and the consequences of illegal actions. Yet, in this instance he has behaved as if the rules do not apply to him.

The DA is committed to monitoring the outcome of the court appearance and whether the rule of law is applied. Too often, in our country, certain people believe they are beyond reproach.

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