Sabotage suspected as Tlokwe water runs dry

Juanita Terblanche MP

DA MP for Potchefstroom

Just 24 hours before a council meeting where the ANC was due to make an attempt to remove DA Mayor Annette Combrink from office, all taps in Tlokwe have run dry.

The DA has learnt that, for the first time in history, almost all seven water pumps in Potchefstroom were cleansed at the same time. The process of cleansing, or “bleeding”, water pumps, must be done with care as it can deplete the water levels in the towns reservoir.

Normally just one water pump at a time should be cleansed. However on Friday, just days before the ANC will attempt to irregularly stage a coup in Tlokwe, the town goes without water.

This strange occurrence is a result of municipal staff disregarding the basic functions of municipal management.

The DA has strong reason to believe that sabotage is at play in Tlokwe. The DA-led council is providing live updates to residents via SMS.

Key service delivery institutions like the Provincial Hospital, are struggling without water. Residents are queuing outside stores to purchase bottled water. Tlokwe municipality is transporting water from the district and neighbouring towns to alleviate the suffering.

It is unthinkable that residents, and the families of those responsible, should suffer from this suspected act of sabotage. Water levels in the reservoir are rising at 2 feet per hour. It is expected that the situation could be resolved within 36 – 48 hours.

The DA is doing everything in our power to resolve the situation as a matter of urgency.

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