School building corruption in Limpopo must be probed

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Spokesperson on SCOPA

The DA calls on Premier Cassel Mathale to act against all Limpopo Public Works officials involved in corruption surrounding school construction tenders.

The latest report presented to Parliament’s Public Accounts committee (SCOPA) shows a disturbing trend in the manner in which school building contracts amounts are inflated from the original amounts.

Not only has public money been wasted in inflated payments to contractors, the irregularities have also impacted on school children through delays in school construction.

The list below shows examples of how payments for several of the 15 construction projects reviewed by SCOPA were inflated:

Project Name: Buyisonto Primary School Original Contract Amount: R 1.5 million Total amount paid: R 2.1 million % inflated price: 42.3%

Project Name: Mankete Primary School Original Contract Amount: R 98 300 Total amount paid: R199 245 % inflated price: 247.2%

Project Name: Mastec College Original Contract Amount: R9.2 million Total amount paid: R16 million % inflated price: 103.8%

Project Name: Rabatswana School Original Contract Amount: R819 900 Total amount paid: R 1million % inflated price: 19.73%

Project Name: Ramollo Primary School Original Contract Amount: R1 million Total amount paid: R1.3 million % inflated price: 18.68%

Project Name: Education Head Quarters Original Contract Amount: R19 million Total amount paid: R22 million % inflated price: 19.44%

The Democratic Alliance demands that the Premier take action against Public Works officials immediately. Officials must be suspended or fired depending on their role in this apparent corruption. This is a flagrant abuse of the state’s coffers and it must be investigated.

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