Tlokwe Speaker must go

Juanita Terblanche MP

DA MP for Potchefstroom

The DA has tabled a motion of no confidence in Tlokwe Speaker Barei Segotso. The motion is due to be discussed at the next council meeting on 26 February.

The Speaker has shown political bias in council meetings and has not shown the will to maintain order according to the rules.

At a recent special council meeting swearing and shouting matches between the warring factions of the ANC were not brought to order.

International guests of the Tlokwe municipality were present and the council was brought into severe disrepute. The DA’s motion to remove the Speaker is likely to have support across party lines as the ANC tabled a similar motion in October last year before withdrawing it.

A motion for the removal of DA Mayor Annette Combrink has also been tabled by the ANC. However, the proposers of the motion were not present and the Speaker therefore illegally passed it for the council meeting on 26 February.

The DA have made major strides in improving governance in Tlokwe in the short time that we’ve been in office. We will not be deterred in our task of delivery for all the people of Tlokwe. We call on council to support the DA’s motion against the Speaker.

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