ANC’s frivolous political games waste public funds

James Masango MPL Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition The cost of the ANC in the Nkomazi local council’s refusal to rescind the unlawful suspension of DA councillor Mariette Preddy will now be borne by the public, as the municipality has been ordered to reinstate councillor Preddy, and pay the legal fees. This follows after the DA took legal action against the council and Speaker, Cllr KJ Macie for suspending Cllr Preddy in October last year without adhering to legislated procedure. After the DA filed an urgent application in the North Gauteng High Court, the municipality rescinded the suspension 13 December 2012, and paid the legal fees in full. While we are pleased that justice has prevailed and our councillor has been rightfully reinstated, this entire debacle not just shows the ANC’s disregard for the laws of our country, but also that public funds can be used and misused to suit its own ends. Instead of using public funds to improve living conditions in Nkomazi, the ANC chose to busy itself with ways to get rid of a committed DA councillor who tirelessly champions for the rights of the community, and the ANC, not the municipality, must be held accountable. As Cllr Macie in November blatantly refused to heed the advice of the municipality’s legal department to rescind Cllr Preddy’s suspension, the DA believes that she should be held personally accountable for the costs, and has to reimburse the municipality with immediate effect. To this end the DA will write to cooperative governance MEC SPD Skhosana requesting him to show political guidance for the municipality to recover the funds from Cllr Macie. Our councillors in the local council will also table a motion in council resolving to order Cllr Macie to repay the municipality. The DA will continue to act against ANC arrogance and its continued disregard for our democratic order on every platform available to us.

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