Citizen tip offs on illegal drug possession effective

Hendrika Kruger MPL

Spokesperson on Social Development

Citizen tip offs on illegal drug possession, dealing and use coupled with speedy follow up by police are highly effective in combatting the scourge of drug abuse.

Gauteng police have indicated to the DA that drug tip offs in the Tshwane metro have a successful detection rate of more than 90%. The information for the past three financial are as follows:

2009/2010 2010/2011 2011/2012 Total No. % No. % No. % No. % Tip offs received 561 – 660 – 846 – 2 067 – Tip offs followed up 666 119% 660 100% 840 99% 2 166 105% Successful detection 639 114% 598 91% 815 96% 2 052 99%

Approximately 37.3% of all drug-related crimes recorded in Gauteng occur in the Tshwane metro, indicating a dramatic increase in these crimes from 4 965 incidents in the previous year to 9 680 recorded in the recent 2011 / 2012 Annual Crime Statistics.

The Gauteng Provincial Government must pursue community-based and cooperative efforts in the war against drugs in the province given the effectiveness of tip offs in detecting drug-related crimes in Tshwane.

The DA hopes that such programmes feature prominently at the Nyaope Summit in Ekurhuleni today, which was also addressed by Gauteng Social Development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza.

The government and police must also encourage citizens to provide such tip offs and create the necessary channels and support mechanisms to allow for civic-driven crime combatting efforts.

We cannot allow drug and substance abuse to continue tearing families and communities across Tshwane and Gauteng apart. It is time that everyone get involved to combat this increasing scourge across the province.

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