DA concerned over Themba Hospital water supply

James Masango MPL Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition Note: The following member’s statement was delivered by James Masango to the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature today Regular water supply interruption to the Themba hospital is now becoming a serious concern, not only for patients but for the medical staff as a whole. On a number of occasions last year and this year, water supply to this hospital had been interrupted, and a hospital without water poses a serious risk to patients and medical staff. Doctors and specialists who live nearby the hospital are often forced to go to work without being able to wash. The lack of consistent and clean water supply increases the general infection risk at the hospital and may lead to unnecessary deaths of those seeking medical attention and those treating them. While neither the provincial government nor the Mbombela local municipality are willing to take the responsibility for the interruptions, peoples’ basic rights of access to decent health care and clean water are being violated. Water tanks are not a sustainable solution, and an urgent and permanent solution is needed.

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