DA reiterates call for immediate implementation of Sexual Offences Courts

John Moodey MPL

DA Leader in Gauteng

Today, I joined the DA Women’s Network (DAWN) at the Roodepoort Magistrates Court to protest in support of the victim of a brutal gang-rape which took place in Soweto last year. This young woman is one of too many victims of such crimes in South Africa.

The DA welcomes the announcement from President Jacob Zuma regarding the reimplementation of Sexual Offences Courts. The fact that this particular case is still underway, almost a year after the incident took place, is testament to the urgent need for these courts.

The DA has long advocated for these courts and believes that they will go a long way towards ensuring that perpetrators of rape are brought timeously to justice. Victims of this terrible crime need a positive sense that justice prevails in order to allow them to rebuild their lives sooner.

This Friday, 8 March 2013, DA will lead a march against rape to Constitution Hill. The march will be headed by prominent male DA figures that will be making a pledge to stand up against all forms of abuse against women and children.

The DA believes that the whole of society has a part to play in speaking out and fighting this abuse. As men, we have a responsibility to honour, protect and respect all women and to be role models for other men in our families, workplace and communities.

This responsibility applies to all aspects of South African life; from parents committing to paying child maintenance, to standing up against corruption and fraud, to showing compassion and caring for those living in poverty or with disabilities.

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