DA wants answers on 180 000 dockets referred back to police

John Moodey MPL

Provincial Leader

Almost 180 000 case dockets were referred back to Gauteng police by lower courts in the last three financial years. Gauteng police also lost 221 case dockets in the same period, while 28 were reported stolen.

The DA is deeply concerned about the large number of case dockets referred back to police for further investigation, as this points to potential flaws or negligence in the initial police and detective work.

I will submit a follow up question to the Gauteng Community MEC to determine reasons for the referral and what the police are doing to reduce this very high number.

I will also request information on how many of these case dockets relate to rape and sexual offences generally, given the low conviction rate for these crimes.

The detailed breakdown provided by Gauteng police is as follows:

Financial Year Dockets Lost Dockets Stolen Dockets Returned

2010 / 2011 123 10 53 723 2011 / 2012 93 15 64 084 2012 / 2013 5 3 60 491 Total 221 28 178 298

The DA is very pleased with the significant decrease in dockets lost and stolen, and will request information on the transition to the e-docket system which has been touted for many years now. It is imperative that the SAPS in Gauteng move to this system as soon as possible to limit docket losses and curb corruption in police investigations.

Proper, detailed and complete investigations and case dockets are imperative in ensuring the smooth functioning of our criminal justice system. Gauteng police must ensure the highest standards are maintained in this regard to ensure that justice duly and speedily served.

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