Government reaction to R555 accident exposes ANC hypocrisy

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The reaction of MEC Vusi Shongwe and his Department of Safety, Security and Community Liaison to the horrific R555 accident that claimed seven lives yesterday, exposes the hypocrisy of the ANC.

It is reported that the incident occurred when a sedan lost control and collided with an oncoming truck while attempting to overtake another truck on a single lane, resulting in the deaths of all seven occupants, including a toddler and an infant.

In reaction the department said that they would deal harshly with any road user in the province who disobeys any rules of the road. While road safety should be every citizen’s top priority, the MEC and his department are fast losing the credibility of saying so.

We believe that the MEC’s call for drivers in Mpumalanga to adhere to road regulations to avoid unnecessary accidents is hypocritical to say the least – when his very own traffic department officials disobey a host of road regulations when escorting ANC bigwigs traveling in “blue light bully” convoys.

Just yesterday DA parliamentarians travelling in the Chief Albert Luthuli municipality feared for their lives when their “blue light bully” escort disobeyed virtually every road safety regulation – travelling at excessive speeds and overtaking dangerously, endangering the lives of other motorists, and the people they are supposed to protect.

The “blue light bullies” of MEC Shongwe and his fellow ANC MECs are widely perceived as a menace to road safety, and exposes the ANC’s hypocrisy of applying one set of rules for ordinary people, and another for the political elite.

If MEC Shongwe wants motorists to take him and his law enforcement officials seriously, the laws of our country should be applied equally to all, and in fact should ban the use of blue lights in non-emergencies.

The fact is that ANC MECs are not more important than any other citizen, nor do they live under the threat of imminent attack or assassination. At best the use of blue light convoys is just another unnecessary method of satisfying the egos of politicians.

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