Governments fails to move hundreds on Soul City radioactive land

Janet Semple MPL

Spokesperson on Housing

The DA in Gauteng is deeply disappointed by the inability of the Mogale City Council and the Gauteng Local Government and Housing Department to move hundreds of people living on radioactive land in Soul City / Tudor Shaft on the West Rand.

Tudor Shaft is situated on land that contains high levels of radioactivity stemming from previous mining activities. More than 5000 people live nearby and constantly face the threat of developing cancer and radiation sickness.

In a written reply to my question in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature the department indicates that 200 households have been temporarily moved to Es Café, while the identified Kagiso Corridor site may take at least seven years due to challenges experienced with the board of mining company Mintails Mining SA which recently obtained the right to mine in the area.

This company initially made land available for relocation, but is now mining on this land instead.

Neither the provincial government nor the Mogale City Council are treating this matter with the urgency it requires given the severity of the threat posed. Departmental inaction continues to place the lives of Tudor Shaft residents at risk.

The DA will continue to push for urgent steps to ensure that the most vulnerable people in Soul City / Tudor Shaft are moved out of danger.

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