NW School Bus accident – another result of the decay in NW procurement

Chris Hattingh MPL

Provincial Leader Democratic Alliance North-West

The school bus accident near Potchefstroom which caused injuries to 11 of the 21 school children it was transporting gave impetus to the Democratic Alliance’s serious concerns about NW scholar transport. Initial reports from emergency personnel attending the accident scene questioned the roadworthy status of the bus involved in the accident claiming that the brakes of the bus failed. The bus did not have a rear window with the rear window opening being covered with taped plastic. Scholar transport in the NW Province is being handled by both the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport and the Department of Education. Both Departments having notorious procurement status – riddled with frequent procurement related investigations, suspensions of personnel and court cases.

The DA will probe the procurement process of scholar transport with a specific focus on the roadworthiness of vehicles utilised in terms of contracts. The lives and security of vulnerable scholars forced to use the NW scholar transport system is simply too important to be subjected to questionable procurement conducted by unscrupulous officials.

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