Only stability to management will bring clean audits in municipalities

Peter Frewen MPL DA Spokesperson for Cooperative Governance, Traditional Affairs and Human Settlements Note: the following speech was delivered today (Wednesday 20 March 2013) during a debate in the Free State Legislature in Hoopstad (Tswelopele Municipality) Today we are in probably what is the best run municipality in the Free State – particularly when it comes to financial management. Yesterday I was told by the ANC that we, the DA, never come up with solutions. My solution to solving the crisis we have in municipalities for a start was that, and I challenged the ANC – that they must stabilise the senior management in municipalities – two positions in particular – the municipal manager and the chief financial officer. We now have a situation here in Tsewelopele where no decision has been taken to re-appoint the CFO although other senior positions have been filled and new people have been appointed – not by the Council – but by the ANC leadership in the Province. The Free State will not achieve clean audits in local municipalities until senior management is stabilised but it would appear that the ANC is set on destabilising local government by not creating a stable senior management. Until the senior management of municipalities is not stable – the Free State will not achieve its goals set by Operation Clean Audit. Stabilising the senior management of municipalities will also give young people a goal to achieve – they can set themselves a goal of becoming a municipal manager or CFO on the quality of work they deliver and not because they have the right political connections.

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