The ANCs treacherous dichotomy in the Tlokwe Municipality

Chris Hattingh MPL

Provincial Leader Democratic Alliance North-West

The ANC in their motion of no-confidence in Tlokwe ANC Executive Mayor inter alia stated the following:

That Maphetla Maphetla

“* interfered in the administration by illegally procuring goods and services * illegally interfered in the administration and management in the supply chain management . * Unscrupulously and inconsistently allocated Council Erven * illegally approved an access road to be paved * In spending R5million for an Executive mayoral project he made concessions which led to maladministration, nepotism, database manipulation, job for pals and discriminatory practices. The project failed because funds were embezzled and no accounting system was in place; * has been misusing the funds created for poverty alleviation and disaster”

The ANC reinstated the same Maphetla Maphetla after 3 months of DA Rule after repeated visits to Potchefstroom by ANC National and Provincial Leadership including President Zuma.

ANC councilors were intimidated and threatened with expulsion as councilors, the dissolution of the Tlokwe council and were forced to swear that they will support the same Maphetla Maphetla in which they proposed, motivated and accepted a motion of no-confidence. The voting process was overseen by no less than three Ministers.

And finally in the motion of no-confidence in Executive Mayor Combrink the ANC’s Dakota Legoete stated on behalf of the ANC that the people voted for the ANC and not for a white mayor underlining the deep racism embedded within the ANC.

This honorable Speaker is ANC democracy in action – ANC hegemony and racism above clean administration and delivery.

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