The DA’s priorities for Gauteng’s Budget

Mike Moriarty MPL

Spokesperson on Finance

Gauteng Finance MEC Mandla Nkomfe will table the budget for Gauteng in the Provincial Legislature today. If the MEC has been responsible and sensitive to the needs of the people in our province he will make enough money available to tackle the problems the ordinary person faces day after day.

The DA’s Priorities for Gauteng’s Budget serve as suggestions for the MEC and as a benchmark against which we will measure this year’s spending and the priorities of the provincial government as a whole.

The DA’s priorities outlines budget proposals to:

* Create more jobs for Gauteng; * Stabilise and improve health care services and social development programmes; * Improve quality of education outcomes in the province; * Cutting back on corruption and wasteful expenditure of public money; * Addressing the housing backlog in the province; * Ensuring agricultural sustainability and boosting eco-tourism; * Prioritising community safety and the fight against crime; and * Cleaning up and empowering local government to ensure effective and accountable service delivery to local communities.

The budget for Gauteng must demonstrate a commitment to leaner, cleaner government that spends on key priority areas such as health and education, while creating an environment to encourage investment, boost economic growth and reduce unemployment.

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