Time now for Zuma to fire Mathale

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Yesterday’s disbandment of the provincial executive of Limpopo’s ruling party provides President Zuma with yet another reason why he must fire Cassel Mathale as the premier of the province.

This was nothing less than a vote of no confidence in Mathale’s leadership qualities by his own party. He cannot be allowed to be at the helm of the provincial government structure a day longer. Mathale’s track record in government is so poor that he should have been shown the door a long time ago. That did not happen.

We are of the firm view that if the ruling party has doubts about Mathale’s capabilities to run the party, it goes without saying that he cannot be entrusted with running the state which has direct consequences for the lives of a lot more people. The assurance by the ruling party that Mathale will continue at the helm of the provincial government is not helpful for the people of Limpopo who have had to bear the brunt of lack of service delivery under Mathale.

The DA urges Zuma as head of the ruling party to now take a decisive action and fire Cassel Mathale.

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