Minister Motshekga contradicts MEC on textbook delivery

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

A parliamentary reply by Minister Angie Motshekga suggests the Limpopo Education Department lied to the public about textbook delivery.

The Limpopo Department has been shifting the blame to the national department  for this year’s textbook delivery crisis.

MEC Masemola’s department  is squarely to be blamed however according to the reply to my parliamentary question to Minister Motshekga.

Minister Motshekga clearly states however that “the procurement and delivery of textbooks was a provincial responsibility” when asked if the national department signed any agreements for the delivery of CAPS textbooks in Limpopo in 2013.

The Minister makes it clear that any contracts signed were between the provincial department and the service provider.

According to this response, this year’s province-wide delays in book delivery continued to be MEC Masemola’s responsibility.

This suggests that not only did the MEC preside over this year’s textbook delivery crisis, he has been misleading the public about his role in causing it.

The DA will formally urge the legislature’s Education Committtee Chair to summon MEC Masemola to explain how this year’s book delivery crisis happened and why he has been denying responsibility for it.

The public and our learners deserve to know the truth.

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