ANC cannot hand out tenders in Limpopo

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Legislature Caucus Leader

The DA will urge National Treasury to inform the Limpopo ANC that it does not have the mandate to announce how government tenders will be awarded in Limpopo. This after reports today indicating that the Limpopo ANC has removed powers to allocate tenders from Premier Mathale. The DA is concerned that government functions will now be done at the ANC Limpopo headquarters and not through legal processes in government.

The allocation of tenders must be done by professional officials in government who will be led by principles of transparency and fairness. Giving the ANC’s interim provincial Task Team powers to allocate government tenders will not solve the problem. The root of the problem in Limpopo is that the ANC and not professionals in government have been allocating tenders for corrupt purposes for some years now. The danger is that the new ANC Provincial Task Team will now simply award tenders to businesses who support their faction and the problem won’t be resolved.

While Premier Mathale should be removed from office for the collapse of delivery in Limpopo he has overseen, he cannot be replaced by more of the same. The rule of law clearly stipulates that there has to be a separation between the state and the party. We cannot have a situation where government decisions are taken by party apparatchiks who are accountable to the party and not the electorate.

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