DA Calls on All Role-Players to be Accountable for Illegal Dumping

Anroux Marais MPP

DA Western Cape  spokesperson for Social Development

As the DA spokesperson for Health in the Western Cape, I am disheartened and shocked by the death of the three year old Jordan Lewis and other lives being threatened in Delft due to the illegal dumping of toxic waste in the area.

I am appalled because this situation could have been prevented. I have been made to understand that illegal dumping is a continuous problem for residents in the area. It was also brought to my attention that the thirty 25kg bags filled with this toxic waste had been dumped on this site two weeks ago. The fatal consequence for the family of little Jordan Lewis could have been avoided had the situation been dealt with immediately.

I call on the Western Cape Department of Health, in conjunction with the Department of Community Safety to run a thorough investigation with the assistance of the relevant officials as the guilty company needs to be held to the full extent of the law as the environmental human rights of the community were violated. Feedback on the details of this preventable death and the situation surrounding illegal dumping should be reported to the Standing Committee of Community Development. Once we fully understand the details of the situation can we redress the measures in place and work towards more effective ways to increase wellness in the Western Cape.

I urge the community to also become active in preventing the burden of disease in their areas by reporting incidences of illegal dumping before it results in fatalities, as is the current situation in Delft. Even if they are not aware of who the perpetrators of the dumpings are, reporting the waste will bring it to the relevant authorities attention and the removal thereof can occur more efficiently and thus prevent fatalities.

Residents can report details of dumped material and request dumped material to be removed by calling the City’s Customer Care Line on 0860 103 089, via fax on 021 400 4302 or via e-mail to wastewise@capetown.gov.za

The Democratic Alliance Western Cape conveys our heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of Little Jordan Lewis and a speedy recovery to those affected by the toxic waste in Delft.

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