DA decries delayed completion of Soweto’s June 16 Memorial

Paul Willemburg MPL

Spokesperson on Infrastructure Development

The delayed completion of the June 16 Memorial Acre is yet another indication of the mess in the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development. The Memorial Acre forms part of the June 16 trail commemorating the youth uprising of that year.

Almost two years after it was supposed to be completed, the June 16 Memorial Acre located in Jabavu, Soweto, is still under construction. The R28 million project was started in October 2010 and was intended to be finished by November 2011.

However due to numerous delays blamed on the weather, design alterations and changes in funding allocations, the completion of the site has been moved to March 2012, then July 2012, and has now been allocated R7.6 million from this year’s budget.

I will submit questions to both Gauteng Infrastructure Development and Arts and Culture MECs to determine the breakdown of budget allocations as well as detailed explanations for the delays and the new envisaged completion date.

The bravery, defiance and sacrifice of the youth of the 1976 Soweto Uprising represent a critical point in our nation’s opposition to Apartheid and deserves to be properly commemorated and celebrated.

Unnecessary delays and escalating costs due to the inability of the departments involved to budget properly and complete the project on-time does not do justice to the memory of the pupils of June 16.

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