DA launches interactive on-line Map

Helen Zille

DA Leader

The Democratic Alliance will today launch a new online platform to give members of the public unprecedented access to all of our public representatives. Members of the public will now be able to access the name and contact information for the DA Councillor and DA Member of Parliament assigned to their area through an online search platform using this link: http://www.da.org.za/our_people.htm?action=view-page&category=ward-councillors-map

The search tool can be found on the DA’s website under the “our people” link on the toolbar. Members of the public will simply have to select their area on the map of South Africa, or type in their address, and the system will provide them with the contact details of the relevant DA public representatives.

We are working to make our public representatives as accessible as possible to their constituents. We are doing this because we know that public representatives should serve the people who elected them in relation to the functions of government. I encourage all South Africans to get in contact with their DA public representatives, and report any service delivery problems they are experiencing. An active citizenry is as important as an effective government in making life better for all.

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