DA scores resounding double victory in Mbombela

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The DA today scored a magnificent double victory at the polls when it thrashed the ANC in the by-elections for Mbombela Ward 17 (Nelspruit and Steiltes) and Ward 30 (White River).

Following a hard-fought and DA-dominated election campaign, voters turned out in their numbers on voting day, giving the DA a resounding mandate to represent their interests in the Mbombela local council, securing 78,3% of the vote in Ward 30 and 86% in Ward 17, an increase of 11% and 6,3% respectively.

The winning percentage shows the high regard in which the public holds the DA to effectively represent their communities, and proves our efficacy in both opposition politics as well as that of a government in waiting.

The DA is humbled by this overwhelming vote of confidence by residents of both wards, and pledges the full commitment of our new councillors, Werner le Grange and Trudie Grové-Morgan to continue in the DA tradition of good governance and transparency.

We wish to thank our supporters for keeping both wards DA, as well as the DA team for their dedication and commitment .

The DA looks forward to serving the residents of these wards.

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